Executive Search

Project Procedure

We follow fixed procedures in carrying out our work, that will guarantee successful placements.

  1. We talk personally with our customer’s decision-makers and specialist departments respectively, to develop the job specifications and planned approach together.
  2. Our research department takes care of identifying companies, and holding telephone interviews with potential candidates. Classic head-hunting, in other words.
  3. Personal interviews with suitable candidates are carried out by the consultant responsible for the project.
  4. We support contract negotiations and, if the situation arises, contract design.
  5. During the whole project sequence, we are in continuous dialogue with both our clients and the candidates.
  6. We also support our clients and candidates during the orientation process.

Business Coaching

“My coaching is directed at company executives and managers, who would like to further develop personally and professionally, who are subject to acute stress in their professional and/or private settings, or who are looking for advice in relationship to difficult decisions and processes of change.

It is precisely in executive positions that the emphasis is moving away from purely operational activities towards coordinating people; and, because people are very different, this is often very challenging.

With a PhD in Psychology, I am able to help you not only as a coach, but also as a specialist in the field.

Together and without beating around the bush, we will find the appropriate solutions for you or your department head, whichever the case may be, to improve performance and enjoy more well-being.”

Dr. Torben Kneisler

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

In the field of M&A we mediate and follow up on potential purchases and sales, introducing you to serious, interested parties.

Company Successor Arrangements

In the area of Company Successor Arrangements we look for potential successor’s for your company, set up contacts and support the first talks to deal with the wishes, expectations and goals of both the predecessor and the successor.